Under The Olive Trees

by Oh! Pears



1st single off the Oh! Pears album: Wild Part Of The World.
Out September 16th, 2014 on Acuarela Discos

Available to download on iTunes


released September 1, 2014

1. “Under The Olive Trees”
Recorded by Jeff Zeigler at Uniform Recording
Mixed by David Downham at Gradwell House Recording
Mastered by Roger Seibel at SAE Mastering
Words and music by Corey Duncan
Arranged by: Corey Duncan, Jon Pfeffer, Veronica Jurkiewicz, Matthew Rubin


Corey Duncan: Guitar, Vocals, Clapping
Veronica Jurkiewicz: Violin, Viola
Andrew Jurkiewicz: Cello, Vocals, Clapping
Christopher Stober: Double Bass
Avi Glickman: Percussion, Clapping
Andrea Kuhar-Isom: Percussion, Vocals, Clapping
Natasha Rodriguez: Vocals, Clapping
Matthew Rubin: Trumpet

2. “Haunted Love”

Source recording same credits as “Under The Olive Trees”
Reimagined, remixed and mastered by Patrick Ellis
Words and melody by Corey Duncan
Vocals by Corey Duncan and Attia Taylor

3. “Under The Olive Trees”

Cover recorded, performed, mixed, and mastered by Patrick Ellis

The song “Haunted Love” was created using material from “Under The Olive Trees”, which was completely remixed by Patrick Ellis to create a new context, to which Corey Duncan added a new melody and new words.



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Oh! Pears Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Oh! Pears is Seattle-via-Philadelphia’s Corey Duncan, whose work draws a kaleidoscope of influences from disparate musical worlds (Neutral Milk Hotel, Duke Ellington, Broadcast, Chopin) to create songs with transformative power.

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Track Name: Under The Olive Trees
Under the olives, you and me
Forming a shape I’ve never seen
Oh hold your palms outstretched to mine
A hundred thoughts to pass the time
I know the way you’ve shined alone
Bright as the moon, a regal throne
Oh clasp your hands and wring them tight
That’s how you’ll make it through the night

Hours put us on
The valleys we walked along
The fear of where we might belong
Is all, all

Under the olives, you and me
Feet on the grass of blue and green
Sun will warm the ground below
And so will rise the earthly glow
And though the summer burns me out
It’s given me none to cry about
But churning hearts, oh pull and tug
And love the trenches you have dug

Hours put us on
The valleys we walked along
The fear of where we might belong
Is all, all
Track Name: Oh! Pears w/ Patrick Ellis feat. Attia Taylor - Haunted Love (w/ Patrick Ellis, feat. Attia Taylor
Haunted Love, I know you
I've seen

I need your sun-warmed smile
I need your sun-warmed smile on my chest
I need it to atone
Atone for my lack of sinfulness

I know you, Haunted Love